As light as a glass of water, Flatheads’ sneakers, manufactured from knit fibers & bamboo, are optimized for over 14 hours of comfort.

The internet ecosystem and evolving consumer needs have made new business models viable and have led to the emergence of the direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution channel. Companies leveraging the D2C channel invariably have an emotional connect with their consumers, fostered by unique brand identity and a clear value proposition.

Today, India is witnessing the rise of D2C brands across categories and is estimated to become a USD 100 Bn addressable market by 2025. Rising digital buyer penetration among…

Abhinav is a die-hard “Metalhead”. He is always on the hunt for new songs, as he loves to listen and share them with fellow metalheads. But beyond direct messaging the whole piece to someone on Instagram/WhatsApp, he doesn’t have many audio-sharing options.

Discovery is even more complicated. And there’s no communitization of music fans yet.

According to the findings of the Digital Music Study 2019, brought out by the Indian Music Industry (IMI), an Indian typically spends 19.1 hours per week listening to music.

With music being such a massive part of our lives, the incumbent streaming and audio sharing…

ParallelDots helps FMCG companies & retailers optimize their in-store execution & maximize their sales using image recognition.

Remember when you walked into your nearby retail store and couldn’t find your favorite flavor of Lays?

Did you know high margin items in a retail store are intentionally placed at eye-level to nudge you to buy them? [Eye level is the buy level]

This in-store execution is what a lot of FMCG companies are striving to nail down. With the FMCG industry growing at only 3–4% globally and e-commerce share [in total retail sales] still around 14–15%, FMCG companies have become more focused on what is happening with their brands’ share versus the competition in retail stores.

Before we…

Common misconceptions that D2C founders often have around marketing, distribution, logistics, advertising & fundraising.

We sat down with Ganesh Balakrishnan recently to chat on D2C space and his experience while building Flatheads, a D2C footwear brand. An hour-long scheduled discussion stretched to nearly three, and we were, to put it simply, blown away!

While you can read a detailed analysis of Flatheads by Startups Unplugged here, this article talks about some of his key learnings running Flatheads and common misconceptions that founders often have. It is undoubtedly no halwa starting a D2C brand, it seems!

Think marketing is easy? Or…


Key Terms

NBFCs: Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), are entities that provide certain bank-like and financial services but do not hold a banking license. NBFCs are not subject to the banking regulations and oversight by federal and state authorities adhered to by traditional banks.

Covered Bonds: A covered bond is a bond issued by a bank or an NBFC backed by a pool of loans that can be liquidated in case the bank/NBFC goes bankrupt.

Debt Mutual Fund: A debt mutual fund (also known as a fixed-income fund) invests a significant portion of your money in fixed-income securities like government securities…

Did you know that even your Paytm Payments Bank card gives you an accidental insurance cover of 2 lakhs?

Did you know you can get upto 1.5 lakhs of insurance cover in case of a plane hijack on HDFC Millenia cards? 🤯

Shocked? We were too! Check out BimaPe, and you may discover more than 2 crores of free insurance cover with your cards!

Insurance. The opaque industry & complex products that everyone wishes they understood, but still remains confusing for the general public.

4 month old BimaPe hopes to change that. “Our current MVP — Know Your Card lets…

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